My Dream

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Letra de My Dream
Many Times I’ve Failed
Many Days Are Gone
Carrying That Gift In Me
Always Fighting
I’ll Keep On Trying
Feel My Chance Is Coming Up

Such Un Fair Life
I´M Gonna Get It Right
And Trust Blindly In Me
I Want The Whole World
To Hear My Shout Of Hope
I’ve Got Blind Faith In Me

Living On Stage
Won’t Stop No Way
Realize My Dream
My Dream
My Dream

One Dream, One Life
Somethin’ For To Fight
Music Is Her Life
That’s Right...
Suffer And Pain
She Signed Her Deal
To Get Her To The Top
Wants To Achive The Goal
Hey She Gotta Work Hard
She Is Sexy, Nice And Cute
Belive Me...
Strong, Ready And Done
Belive Me...
Music Non Stop
Fight Until We Die
She Against The World
Flyin’ Like A Bird
Shinin’ Like A Star
Young James Baby!


Hey Keep On Fightin’ Everyday
For Ya Dream Baby
Fuck What The Others Say
No Money, No Nothin’, No Shit
Makes You Feel Free And Happy Like This
Like Baby You’ve Been Born For This
Your Whole Life Workin’ For That
For One Thing, One Dream
Somethin’ You Achived, Proud Of That!
Constancy The Key Of The Game
Ambition Leads Ya To The Top Of The Chain
Yo Baby, You’re On The Walk Of Fame